Tick-Borne- 7 died and 60 infected in China due to new infectious disease


In between the pandemic outbreak of coronavirus, news about the new infectious disease is coming from China. This is a new infectious disease caused due to tick-borne virus, it has killed around 7 people and 60 are infected. Sources came out with this information after the official media of China reported it on Wednesday. Chinese people are warned to maintain social distancing because there is the possibility of human to human transmission.

More than 37 people in East China Jiangsu Province have contracted with the STFS virus during the first half of the year 2020. Later on, more than 23 people got an infection from this virus in East China’s Anhui province, according to reports. Doctors have not yet told the people about the exact symptoms of this new infectious disease. But a woman from Nanjing, China informs the media about the symptoms she is facing. She says that I got an infection from the tick-borne virus and the symptoms of this virus are fever, coughing, etc. The symptoms are very much similar to symptoms of the COVID virus.

Furthermore, after research, doctors find that there is also a decline of leukocyte in the blood platelet of the patient’s body. But still, the exact cause and symptoms of this disease are not yet out, doctors are researching on. Sources claimed around 7 people are dead due to this new infectious disease and more than 60 are under infection. STFS is not a new virus for China, as China isolated pathogens for this virus in 2011 only. Hence, this is a virus that belongs to the Bunyavirus category.

Virologists are believing that this new infection is passing through tick bit and on to the people contracted with STFS in the first half this year. Moreover, the doctors are claiming this infection may pass on from humans to humans as well. Therefore, this is why Chinese people are ask to maintain distancing again. Hence, the doctors warned Chinese people that tick bite is a major reason for transmission. So, Chinese people are ask to maintain precautions.

Lastly, sources claimed that doctors are saying there is no need to panic over such virus contagion. To know more come connect to us. #Stay Home #Stay Safe.

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