China has decided to evacuate Chinese people from nation India


In between the pandemic outbreak of coronavirus, China has decided to evacuate all its people including students, tourists, businessmen, etc. from nation India. This decision has been taken by the Chinese government because coronavirus is increasing very fast in India and the Chinese people here are facing difficulties. Hence, that’s why the President of China has decided to take the Chinese people out of India.

Recently, it has been noted that on Monday, the Chinese embassy has posted something on their official site. In that notice it was written that all those people who are facing difficulties in India can return to China by booking tickets for some special flights. Moreover, the Chinese government has said that we have decided to evacuate our people from India because it is the 10th worst-hit country by the deadly virus corona.

Coronavirus is waking up in so many countries at a faster rate, it has been noted that this deadly virus from Wuhan, China has spread in around 190 countries. Furthermore, it has affected around 54 lakh people and taking the lives of 3.4 lakh people. The Chinese government said that all those who want to return home will have to follow all the safety measures, quarantine measures during the flight as well as after entering China. In addition, they said that all those people who will be treated with fever and cough will have to be there under isolation for around 14 days.

The Chinese government said that we are thinking to evacuate people from other countries also but first we will have to evacuate people from India because this is the 10th worst affected country. Lastly, they said that if the body temperature of people gets exceeded above 37.3 degrees before boarding, then they will be refused to board by the airline.

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