Kiran Kher- The decision made by government is not good for U.T. (Chandigarh)


Kiran Kher, the person of BJP in the beautiful city Chandigarh raised her voice against the decision of the U.T. government. She said that the decision made is not good for the city because it can lead to more problems in the future. That’s why I’m raising my voice against this decision.

In an interview, Kiran Kher says that I already told the government of Chandigarh not to open the shops and other non-essential services. But the U.T. government has given orders to open everything and this can results in a problem in the future. Furthermore, she says that instead of opening the markets and other non-essential services, the government should make plans to send all the tourists, laborers, and students to their respective places.

Kiran Kher says the curfew in Chandigarh should be followed for some more time so that we come out of the red zone. In addition, she said that instead of opening all the shops the government should open them in odd and even numbers, this will help a lot. As per the news, the Chandigarh government has given orders to open the parks for walks as well as non-essential places also. Therefore, this is totally wrong decision, she says that we should cooperate and continue this curfew for some more time.

The BJP member Kiran Kher said that everyone should have patience because the decision of curfew is only for the safety of the people. So, it’s a request for everyone to follow the rules and stay home, stay safe. If you are having any kind of problems and queries, then you can contact the helpline number 112, they will definitely fulfill your needs in this serious pandemic of COVID-19.

#Cooperate with the government to get out of the red zone #STAY SAFE #STAY HOME. Get connected to us, for having more details.

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