No mercy in Mexico Video: Most horrendous crime captured on camera

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Mexico is considered one of the most dangerous countries. It is a third-world country. The beauty of  Mexico is at times overshadowed by all the illegal businesses that take place in Mexico. Few illegal businesses include prostitution, drug trafficking, crime gangs and many more. The crimes of Mexico are known to every country. However, the recent no mercy in  Mexico video on social media has frightened users all over the world. The video showcases no mercy Mexico in such a brutal way.

The video on no mercy in Mexico video was all over different social media handles such as Twitter, YouTube,  Instagram and other channels also. Mexico is one of the countries famous for its hazardous crimes in the world.  Not all countries are white and clear. Even America and  India stand somewhere for serial killers and sexual assault against women respectively. But still, Mexico is the one which is a very dangerous country. No mercy

Mexico is a package deal of all the crimes packed in a box and the no mercy in Mexico video is strong proof of that.

What is No Mercy in Mexico? 

A document was filmed in 2018 showcasing the reality of no-mercy Mexico but it didn’t have viral till 2022. The video brings out the reality of the hazardous truth of  Mexico upfront. The video has reached out to almost every person who uses social media as the video is available on almost every other social media handle. It is all over Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and whatnot.

The video shows no mercy Mexico in its true colours. In the video, it is seen that two men are tied up with their hands in front. One of the men in the video also has a  white piece of cloth stuffed in his mouth. The audio of the leaked video somehow conveys that the two are interconnected to each other as one is the father and the other one is his son. The people torturing and beating these two men are police officers. It is difficult to agree that the ones who are responsible for the safety of their citizens are the ones beating these two men but the truth is hard digested. Many viewers got chills while

seeing the video as it was so painful. In almost a week,  the video gained 1 million views on YouTube.

The inside details of the No Mercy in Mexico video 

The viewers of the video are constantly seen arguing as to what violent crime has been done in reality that the two men are mercilessly being beaten.

The YouTuber Plagued Moth said that this violent crime against father and son took place in the city of Alpaca  Ranch. “Alpaca Ranch” is not just a normal city but it is a  place which is owned by a member of the lost Viagra  cartel, according to the YouTuber.

The inside details also convey that all that is shown in the no mercy Mexico video holds 100% truth which means that all shown in the video has happened. The viewers are not at all happy to hear this as the video gives chills to the viewers. People are not only scared but curious to know why this has happened. People are also concerned about all the violent things that are taking place in  Mexico.

Though the Spanish viewers are trying to make out what has happened they are not 100% sure in their theory. All

this argument is keeping viewers awake late at night.  Even after 1 year of the video coming out, the curiousness of the viewers is getting deeper and deeper but to no avail.

The real story of No Mercy in Mexico video 

Although the truth is not out many theories are drawn  upon and these all conclusions and arguments are  brought front by the viewers

1.Death of a Father and Son

One of the main theories that are drawn by the viewers is that the two men in the video are connected and are father and son. One of the inside details says that the father is a police officer in  Alpaca Ranch, the city owned by the viagra cartel.  He is being caught either to take revenge or for not being on the side of the cartel. So, the men are dead serious to take the life of both father and son.

2. Men are spies or informants

The city of Alpaca Ranch is a pack of criminal activities. The viagra cartel owns the city. Another theory seems to conclude that the men are no father

and son but are two spies in the city. It is believed that they may have been caught either spying or giving information to the opposite cartel. And so it is believed that the two are caught red-handed and are killed mercilessly.

3. Police Gang is goring citizens/cartel members

As seen in the movies police officers do justice by killing the cartel members, it is believed that this is what is happening. The police officers are killing the duo because they believe that they are cartel members who are already a threat to the city. The other thing could be that they might be normal citizens and anyways they are not doing any good to the world so they are been beaten to death.

What do we say about this? 

All the theories drawn can be true to an extent but it is not known. Even the conclusions drawn can be true or the reality will be different which is still unknown. The no-mercy Mexico portrays the harsh truth about the place. The video is fragmented into three parts and all the videos from the first to the last only

get worse. The content of the video can cause psychological trauma, fear, anxiety and stress. It is advised to watch the video at your own risk. All such videos provide the world with a very wrong message. The no mercy in Mexico video is a  nightmare in itself. The purpose of the video was to showcase power and non-humanity.

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