Coronavirus: India has become the world’s second-largest PPE kit manufacturer

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In this pandemic outbreak of corona, India is just doing great to save its people. Recently, information came out that India has become the second-largest manufacturer of PPE kits that is Personal Protective Equipment. Therefore, India got this achievement in just two months only.

As per the reports, we came to know that till the month of February India was an importer of PPE kits. India was not having any manufacturing capability when the coronavirus threat began to emerge in the Nation India. But now it has become the second-largest manufacturing country of PPE kits and it was noted that till the month of February India imported around 52,000 kits for medical use. WHO “World Health Organization,” says that India is doing a great job in this international pandemic outbreak of COVID-19.

There are so many textiles in India that helped in the process of making these PPE kits. Some of the textiles that helped are Arvind Mills, 3M, Indian Technical Textile Association (ITTA), and many others also. Therefore, the quality testing of kits was done in the labs of DRDO. Hence, the unity of the nation India is the only way due to which India became successful in the manufacturing of PPE kits. India did a great job with patience and unity only.

Hence, India is currently manufacturing around 1.7 lakhs kit of PPE per day and seek to produce more than 2 lakh kits. Along with all this India exported medicine Hydrochloroquine for the patients of Coronavirus in so many countries. Moreover, the country will soon become the exporter of PPE kits also. Around 80 lakh kits of PPE have already been delivered to the medical professionals and more than 1.5 crores are on way.


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