“Tom and Jerry” – a favorite for decades

Kyle Joe

Introduction to Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry is one of the best cartoon shows and also the longest-running series. The series is based on slapstick drama involving humor and physical activity that exceeds common-sense boundaries.

Tom and Jerry is an American Television series running since the 1940s, which is the biggest achievement for any television show. The show is about the Cat whose name was Tom and the Mouse named Jerry, they both argue and fight in that show and the chemistry between them makes everyone laugh and enjoy.

Jerry is a small brown mouse and Tom is a grey Cat, Tom gets pampered by her owner and Jerry also lives in his house. Although they are rivals in the shot they show good friendship to each other.

If another one comes into danger then they are willing and devoted to becoming warriors to save each other. They fight for food, especially Jerry, he can’t see Tom in a comfortable zone and he is always ready to put him in a little problem. Tom always chases Jerry but he never gets him.

The series’ recurring characters

Tom and Jerry’s series has some other characters like Tike, butch, Nibbles, Toodles Galore, and Spike. We see a dog in this series whose name is Spike. Spike is an unintelligent Dog, but sometimes he behaves like a vicious Dog. Spike is quite lovable, and innocent.

He has a sweet young son Tika, Spike shows a temper toward everyone but he always shows a soft spot for Tika. If sometimes Tika gets any problem Spike is ready to blame Tom for everything.

It doesn’t matter whether Tom is involved in that matter or not. Spike mostly chases around Tom in some episodes and shows anger toward him. In that series, we see one black cat named Butch, Butch is ready to support Tom because they both try to catch Jerry.

This is the one thing that seems to be common between Butch and Tom. Many times, Butch and Tom are seen flirting with a lady Cat named Toddles Galore.

On the other hand, another character is the carefree mouse named Nibbles, Nibbles is Jerry’s nephew and a member of the musketeer’s group. Nibbles always create trouble for Jerry through his actions because he is always less aware of his surroundings. 

Less talk and more slapstick

Tom and Jerry were created in 1940 by Joseph Barbera and William Hanna. The series is based on slapstick comedy, so in that cartoon, we see less talk and more interesting actions.

Mostly, the conversation goes between Tom & Jerry and mostly the lines come from Tom. At the same time, other characters have some particular selected lines and some songs and dialog.

The Tom and Jerry series will never be Stoppable, this series has always been broadcasted by many different companies and people, through different directors and producers.

The original concept of this series was directed by Joseph Barbera and William Hanna in the year of 1940 to 1958, from 1961 to 1962 by Gene Deitch, from 1963 to 1967 by Chuck Jonas, and again in the year of 1975 to 1977 by Joseph Barbera and William Hanna came with Tom and Jerry.

The series never gets old for the audience, people always love that show and it doesn’t matter who is the producer or director. That show has witnessed many directors, producers, companies, and all from 1940-2014 but it still gets appreciation from its audience. 2014 is the year when the cartoon network started to produce this show by Warner Bros. Tom and Jerry show is an all-time favorite for children and seems like a legacy that lives forever without any end.

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