Don’t Drop Me! Have a Look at First Drop iphone X, and it is Entirely Smashed

Jake Blake

By chance what will happen if you purchase iPhone X and unintentionally dropped it? Do you know that many customers have cracked efficiently there iPhone X owing to an unintentional drop? In spite of that Apple guarantee that iPhones have the most superior glass ever to be used on a cell phone, but you should not forget that it’s  still the glass actually.

If for a chance you drop your iPhone X from a height it can be a possibility that the screen, as well as the back glass board, will smash.    The majority of iPhone screens are prone to scratches, but along with the glass on both the ides iPhone X has the more potential surface area to scratch or smash.

The foremost report regarding the iPhone X smashed from the YouTube channel FUN 360 and also has the video by the name of iPhone drop test. There is one more video of an iPhone X that was shattered and this one really looks much more terrible than the videos and pics were shown.

After that testing conducted by the protection plan provider SquareTrade that is concerned to test Apple’s assurance that the glass utilised in the phone id much more durable than in any Smartphone. After the test it has concluded the following things:

  • Face drop down test

Through this test, SquareTrade observed that iPhone X shatter on its first drop and also become unresponsive. Also, its touted facial recognition feature also fails entirely.

  • Side and back Drop test

The side drop had finished with the most internal damage to the iPhone X. As phones, outer part only suffered cosmetic damage. At the same time with the backdrop iPhone X completely shattered that back panel by leaving behind the loose shards of glass making it more difficult to grasp.

  • Shot test

This test is conducted and is meant to stimulate a phone falling off the roof of the car. This test revealed that iPhone X is prone to smash up owing many drops. Along with screen and back panel, the most significant damage faced was both Face ID, and new home swipe command failed.

We don’t say that iPhone X is not durable, but if you purchase a phone for about 1000 dollars, then you should expect that it will be much durable as compared to all others. Apparently, after the drop of iPhone X, you have to rush to your store and don’t ever expect that the panel for replacement will be cheap.

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