The history of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s

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Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s both restaurants are handled by one person but their history is different. Carl’s Jr. is one of the most famous fast food chains which operates under CKS Restaurant. On the other hand, Hardee’s has almost the same menu as Carl’s jr menu.

That’s why many people think these two are the same and handled by the same person, but why do these two have different names? So definitely both the restaurants belong to the same company but both are different like one came from the East and the second came from the West. Both restaurants are successful owing to their numerous branches in different places.

History of Carl’s Jr. Menu

In 1941, Carl Karcher and his wife Margaret borrowed one Plymouth automobile for $311. They invested their savings of $15 to purchase a hot dog cart and started their first hot dog cart on the corner of Florence and Central in Los Angeles.

They were working hard to sell their chilly dog and hot dogs. After a few years, they started their four new hot dog carts in Los Angeles. In 1954, they opened their full-service restaurant when they moved to Anaheim, California. This full-service restaurant Drive-In Barbecue got a lot of attention and it was located at 1108 N. Palm St.  They have added interesting Hamburgers to their menu after a year and their sales touched new heights. 

Carl’s jr started in two smaller versions by Karcher in 1056 as Carl’s Drive-in Barbecue which later on became Carl’s Jr. famous and bigger at the end of the 1950s and started four other restaurants. At that time, Carl’s younger brother Donald F. Karcher was appointed as the new supervisor of these restaurants and after a few years, he became the president of the company.

hot dog

In 1968 they launched a big chain. By the mid-1960s, Carl’s operated almost 24 restaurants in Southern California. In the era of 1975, Carl’s Jr. became most popular in Southern California with more than 100 locations.

Carl’s Jr. Continues to expand and hire double the employee count in just three years. At that time Carl’s Jr. was working at 534 locations but at the same time, they were accused by the security and exchange commission of insider trading.

The company removed Karcher from the post of Chairman on 1st October 1993 because they have some issues with the board of directors over marketing and business practices. The company introduces different burgers with Hardee’s and they focus on launching a dinner menu and thinking of launching a variety of offers for the England consumer base.

Nowadays, a lot of people tend to ask for Carl’s junior near me and surprisingly it is situated all over the united states. 

History of Hardee’s 

Greenville, North Carolina is the place where Hardee’s started their first restaurant. The company Hardees was founded on 3 September 1960 by Wilber Hardee.

After Hardee’s restaurant success, Hardee met James Gardner and Leonard Rawls and discussed opening the same restaurant at different places. Hardee’s first company store was Opened in Rocky Mount, North Carolina by Leonard Rawls and James Carson Gardner.

But now, the Store doesn’t exist anymore, the store was demolished in 2007 and replaced with another place. Their stuff is tasty, but it is such a salt-and-fat bomb that they make Mac-and-Don’s look like a health food franchise. 

In September 2013, Hardee’s established its restaurants in the northeastern part of the United States. In the mid of 2015, Hardee’s opened their 300th restaurant in the middle east. As for now, Hardee’s stands at 28th place in food chain sales in the United States of America. 

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