Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan Rejects to Have a Link in Pulwama Terror Attack

Nick Clair

Nowadays, Pulwama Terror Attack has been the major covering news. Pulwama attack was the most shocking and deadly attack that held on 14th February 2019. According to the updates, 41 CRPF soldiers killed in this attack and some of them are still fighting for lives. Abdul Rasheed Ghazi was the master behind this attack.

Yesterday, on 18th February 2019, the mastermind of Pulwama terror attack was also encountered by the security forces of Kashmir.


  1. Last morning, 18th February 2019 mastermind of Pulwama attack was encountered along with two other terrorists.
  2. Last night, five more Indian soldiers were killed by the terrorists of Pak.
  3. PM of Pak (Imran Khan) said that the Indian government has blamed Pakistan without any evidence.
  4. Imran Khan said we will take actions if we found evidence against any Pakistani. He also said starting up a war is not a solution.
  5. PM of India Mr. Narendra Modi said that we should stand together and tell the terrorists who we are.

On the other side, Jeish-e-Mohammad terrorists are seeking places to hide. The founder and the chief of Jeish-e-Mohammad organization are hiding in the laps of Pakistan. He has claimed in one video that he is the one behind this terror attack but still the PM Imran Khan is saying the fault is not ours.

Islamabad: Pakistan said that we the terrorist attack that held in Jammu and Kashmir “it is a matter of grave concern”.  The government of Pak has also rejected the allegations imposed on Pakistan is totally wrong. They said that the India government has blamed us without any proofs.

Statement of Pak PM: Recent updates are coming that the Prime Minister (Imran Khan) has given a statement. In the statement, Imran Khan has said to the Indian Government “Don’t think that we are going to keep quiet, you have killed our people without any evidence”. At approx 1:45 P.M. he said these lines. He has also said that “India Government has blamed Pakistan without any reasons.”

According to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Pakistan has no fault in the terror attack of Pulwama. This is the recent statement that can raise serious conflicts between the people of India and Pakistan.

Pakistani PM has also said that actions will be taken if any evidence is found against anyone from Pakistan. On the other hand, he also stated that starting a war is in the hands of Pak and India. He said if India thinks of attacking us, we will not think of retaliating- we will retaliate.

Mr. Narendra Modi said that we should not hesitate in taking actions against this terror attack. If we will hesitate, it will give the terrorists and their supporters to live with full freedom. He has tweeted that “We should stand together and take the possible actions about this attack”.

Starting up a war or killing people from India and Pakistan will not solve the problems.

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