COVID updates: World’s 1st COVID vaccine to be registered by Russia


From the updates, it has been found that the cases and death rate of novel coronavirus are increasing on a daily basis. But in between all this Russia is extensively pushing itself for the creation of COVID vaccine. Furthermore, it has been recorded that Russia is going to be the first country to register vaccines against the COVID virus. According to Deputy Health Minister Oleg, Russia is going to register its first COVID vaccine on August 12th, 2020. Let’s discuss the vaccine:

This vaccine is jointly develop by Gamaleya Research Institute and the Russian Defense Ministry. Sources have claimed that at present that last and the third stage of the COVID vaccine is underway. Research Institutes have said that trials are extremely important because there is a need to understand if the vaccine is safe or not. In addition, research institutes say that medical professionals and senior citizens are going to be the first to get the vaccination. After them only, the rest of the age groups will get the vaccination but before that, we will have to wait for the last stage trail. Hence, these are the information claimed by Gridnev during the opening of the cancer center in Ufa city.

Probing further, Ministry says the effectiveness of the vaccine is going to be judge when population immunity will be informed. Clinical trials for this vaccine began on June 18th, 2020 and the first stage trial was having 38 volunteers. All of these participants developed the immunity and that too properly. After this, the first group was discharge on July 15th and on 20th July next group was under the trail. The second group of the trial is also in good health and no side effects of vaccination are observed. Russian new reports claims about this vaccine trial information.

The vaccine developing companies jointly says all the volunteers are in good health. In addition, they informed people that no complications can be observed, so till now, it is safe. Vaccine developing institutes are waiting for the finishing of third stage trial, after that only final observations will be made. This is because the WHO (World Health Organization) recently ask Russia to follow all guidelines for vaccine trials. WHO asked Russia to go through all the stages of testing properly before rolling out.

Let’s hope for the best to happen. Meanwhile, Russia is having a total of 8 lakh+ cases with 5241 cases in the last 24 hours.

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