Ten Hidden SEO Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

Jake Blake
ten hidden seo features that will make your life easier

Various SEO features are useful in improving the ranking of a website in search engines. When the page is more visible online, it increases potential customers’ chances to buy the products and services offered. There are hidden SEO features that some people may tend to neglect. They play a crucial role in the success of any SEO efforts. The good thing is that choosing top SEO companies can help in this regard. They understand these features well and help anyone who taps their services.

  1. Using keyword synonyms

It’s challenging to optimize keywords since most of them already got taken over by authority sites. Displacing them on top isn’t an easy task. The good thing is that using synonyms and optimizing them could be an excellent alternative. When searching for keywords in Google, you will find that it also provides alternative searches and suggestions. They’re among the keywords to optimize too. Google provides websites based on the primary keyword typed, but the potential context someone uses when searching for information. Hence, the use of synonyms makes sense.

  1. Maximize AdWord campaigns

Sure, AdWords is on top because the companies paid to get that top slot. However, the information provided by AdWords can be useful for other businesses trying to optimize a keyword. At some point, the ideas on which keyword to optimize might run out. These campaigns could give an idea of which words to focus on. Although they paid search engines to come out on top, there’s nothing wrong with targeting the same keywords. It means that Google understands that these are the words people are looking for. Top SEO companies Philadelphia understand how this feature works and how to take advantage of it.

  1. Mobile customization by top SEO companies

Another important aspect of SEO is the availability of mobile device users. Given that most people use their phones to purchase items they want, companies have to keep up. It’s not enough to have an excellent website for online shopping. It should also be compatible with mobile devices. Users must find it easy to get what they want right away. The difficulty of browsing the page using the phone could also hurt SEO efforts.

  1. Proper use of title tags

Title tags have been around for a while, and they remain an excellent SEO feature. Tags that came out of solid keyword research can help boost the content. The page could rank higher in Google with this strategy.

  1. High-quality content

There’s nothing more important than having high-quality content. It should be the primary feature of any website that aims to rank high in search engines. When the contents are of poor quality, Google will push the website down. It’s irrelevant and wouldn’t address the needs of people searching for information.

Curating existing articles and analyzing them to look into a deeper angle could help. Existing articles from authority sites are already engaging and exciting to read. However, people might want more. They already learned the information before, and they want to get more ideas. Writing content with more facts and well-researched details would be great. In this regard, it’s crucial to understand that keyword shortcuts are no longer helpful. Ideas that don’t flow organically could also hurt attempts to move on top.

  1. Page-loading speed

Focusing on the speed at which the website loads is important. Most people are impatient. They will end up leaving the page as soon as they have to wait for longer than usual. When there are other pages to explore, they won’t have second thoughts closing the tab. Therefore, for SEO efforts to succeed, page-loading speed is a primary consideration.

Several factors affect the loading speed. It begins with what’s on the page. Unnecessary content, like heavy videos and files, could reduce the loading speed. Hosting providers are also a crucial factor. With the wrong provider, the website will most likely slow down.

  1. Organic keyword alignment

Researching the keywords to optimize is easy. The challenging part is on how to use them organically in a sentence. There are instances when the article has several keyword phrases packed together. They don’t make sense and create an illogical flow of thought. Instead of having several keyword groups in the same content, they can go to another article. There’s no limit regarding the number of articles that a website can have to increase its chances of ranking high in search engines. When distributed well, these keywords will sound more logical. The good thing is that with the aid of top SEO companies in Philadelphia, it’s easier to understand which keyword phrases work.

  1. Quality meta descriptions

Not everyone pays attention to meta descriptions since they don’t necessarily form part of the main content. However, these meta descriptions are useful in Google’s algorithms. They have to be of top quality. These descriptions only contain a few words, but they have to be the right ones. If the meta descriptions are irrelevant, they might hurt the search engine ranking. If there are too many or too little words within the description, it’s also not a good idea.

  1. Importance of page redirects

Setting up the right page redirect is useful. There’s a web of connections that Google will analyze. If the primary website doesn’t have links to useful pages, it could hurt the ranking. Understanding the impact of these redirects is important.

  1. Letting go of broken links

These broken links will push the website down. They don’t contain any useful information. People will have a difficult time understanding what those links offer, and Google has no incentives in putting the links higher.

Doing well in SEO is a constant struggle. The strategies that worked before might no longer be relevant now. Even the ones that seem to work now could be useless in the future. Therefore, businesses must understand what SEO does and how the top SEO companies can help boost popularity. Paying them to do better in terms of brand visibility is worth it.

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