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The All India Tennis Association ( AITA ), is the main governing body of our country, India. It was established in the year 1920 and was affiliated with International Tennis federation and Asian  Tennis Federation. All India Tennis Association operates all of the Indian national representative tennis sides, including the India Davis Cup team, the India Fed Cup team and youth sides as well. AITA is also responsible for organising and hosting tennis tournaments within India and scheduling the home international fixtures. The AITA organisation has its headquarters in Delhi’s R.k Khanna Tennis Complex. It conducts various kinds of tournaments. That are:

*Talent Series

*Championship Series

*Super Series

*National Series

*Two nationals – Hardcourt and clay


From its beginning, it has given tennis a newer and a much better look than ever before. It gives a wider platform to the upcoming budding players to perform and achieve excellence.  They get a chance to get fresh experiences and explore their talents with an international point of view. Well-trained coaches are there for teaching them. Moreover, this association gives equal chances to women to perform and no discrimination is done on any basis. Whereas, a large bunch of girls, even more than boys probably are there. Girls and boys aged from 11-18 are found in bulk. Thus, this hub provides great support.

Whereas, recently as fresh controversy has emerged which is going to this association. The famous Indian Tennis players are making themselves unavailable for the Upcoming Davis Cup tie against South Korea until and unless the All India Tennis Association (AITA) agrees to consider there the certain list of demands.

        The players reiterated were united in their stand against “certain practices observed in the management of the Davis Cup squad”. On the whole, they even said that they are not at all challenging the authority of the All India Tennis Association and they are just demanding what they want. Led by Somdev Devvarman, the players, who had sought the ouster of non-playing captain Shiv Prakash Misra besides changes in the team’s support staff, said their efforts were to attempt an “improvement of Indian tennis”. They want upliftment of the condition of the Tennis players.

They feel that their objections are clearly reasonable and objectionable and based on the idea that what they believe they surely deserve.  They have also assured that If the association will agree to their demands, they will surely play for the country. Whereas, they also said in one of the statement that if these archaic methods will be kept on taking place then slowly and slowly their involvement in playing will slower down.

The release also listed the following demands:

1) The team must comprise six players to ensure adequate practice partners, while also allowing for exposure to Davis Cup playing conditions for a larger pool of Indian talent.

2) The decision-making process for choosing the surface and venue for home ties should involve the participation of all active players.

3) Professional team management to include a common team physiotherapist and coach, a move that we believe will foster team unity.

4) A revised agreement for the distribution of Davis Cup prize money. The current ratio of distribution has been implemented based on a twenty-year-old agreement that strongly favours the AITA. We propose that, henceforth, prize money be distributed to the players after the AITA recovers all costs incurred through a Davis Cup tie.

5) All team members should be treated at par with regard to logistical arrangements.

At last, according to me, the players are absolutely correct. It is their prime duty to ask for their rights and work against the laws if their rights are not fulfilled. I hope that the government and authorities will work against these issues and won’t lose these players, the precious gems of your country’s pride.


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