Abdul Rasheed Ghazi- Mastermind of Pulwama Attack killed by the Soldiers of the Indian Army

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Abdul Rasheed Ghazi (One of the fine hands of Jeish-e-Mohammad organization).

Abdul Rasheed Ghazi was an Afghan veteran and commander of Jeish-e-Mohammad. He was the trusted and special person of the Chief and founder (Masood Azhar) of Jaish-e-Mohammad. Abdul Rasheed Ghazi a trained terrorist with warfare techniques and IED preparations of the Taliban Group. 


  1. Abdul Rasheed captured along with two other terrorists.
  2. According to the agencies, Ghazi crossed the border on December 9 and entered Pulwama for making the plans for this attack.
  3. Abdul Rasheed Ghazi a 32-year old terrorist killed by the security forces of India.
  4. Abdul Rasheed Ghazi- The mastermind of the Pulwama terror attack encountered by the armed forces in Kashmir.

Pulwama attack is the major covering news these days. According to the recent updates, the mastermind of Pulwama attack is encountered by the border security forces in Kashmir.

Abdul Rasheed Ghazi was the mastermind of this Pulwama terror attack. This 32-year old terrorist was the one who made plans for attacking the bus of CRPF soldiers. Abdul Rasheed Ghazi was the commander of Jaish-e-Mohammad organization. The undercover agencies found that Abdul Rasheed Ghazi crossed the border and entered Pulwama on December 9, 2018. He is the one who trained the suicide bomber (Adil Ahmad) of Pulwama attack.

After, the attack on the bus of CRPF soldiers, Abdul Rasheed Ghazi hide in a house of Kashmir, district Pulwama. In a breakthrough, security forces of India encountered him on Monday. Pulwama attack was the deadliest attack that made the whole India shocked and now the Indian’s are going to tell the Pakistanis who they are.

Tweet of Mr. Narender Modi: On 14th February 2019, Mr. Narender Modi tweeted that we are not going to leave anyone.  Mr. Narender Modi also tweeted that “We are not going to forget; we are not going to forgive; we will tell them who we are.”

Every India is standing together in this fight of India and Pakistan. Slowly and slowly the people and terrorists behind this terror attack are getting encountered by the security forces.

Kamran Ali Ghazi Rasheed is captured by the soldiers of India army along with him two other terrorists are also caught. After, this special search operation the soldiers kept them on the gunpoint and killed them.

Reviews of people: People are saying that all the people behind this attack should be killed soon. The people of India are daily doing March pasts for the killed CRPF soldiers. Everyone is waiting for the actions of the India Prime Minister (Mr. Narender Modi.)


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