Major Fashion Trends and Styles of the 1800s

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Fashion, when we listen to this word the first thing that comes to our mind is clothing style. Clothes are one of the most important parts of human life. Everyone tries to wear clothes which run in fashion at a particular time.

In the era of 1700, Paris became the first place where women abandoned overbearing, ornate, and construction fashion. In the year of 1700s after the French revolution, French people didn’t want to be a part of the French aristocracy, and they chose to follow muslin dresses which were imitated from Greek and Romans classical wearing dresses.

In that era, we can see the biggest fashion revolution, not only for women but it’s also happened for men. There were various types of dresses available for children, men, as well as women.

Trousers and tuxedos were introduced as men’s fashion wear and women got the Victorian style which was highly ornamental in women’s fashion at that time. The fashion revolution changed the thinking of society, people wear the dress which they like and feel comfortable with their self-expression.

The fashion revolution was the biggest reason for the growth of the Industrial Revolution, like, the creation of machines, transportation, and manufacturing all helped in the improvement of fashion and it developed faster later in the years.

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In the 19th century, corsets were not in use. Because when we talk about the following year or the French revolution, we see the different eras of Gowns. It’s sheer and gauzy. Greco-Roman working for reviving Neoclassical fashion or style.

Again, the corset was worn by women in the 1830s when the small waist became a fashionable feminine figure. Victorian fashion worked as an influencer and the popular form of dresses are Elaborately designed dresses. Gowns have got different forms during the 19th– century and fashion has grown a lot. 


Empire silhouette

This is a long and loosely dress fitting or comprises of light, which mostly comes in white sheer and wrap in rectangular shape shawl and it was referred to as the Empire silhouette.

During the Regency era, the empire silhouette was used as the key style. Late 18th century when the silhouette was created, it came from the principle of Greek and Roman and linked with France’s adaptation. The dress helped to shape and lengthen the body and posture, and provide a high waist, the gown also fitted the appearance. 


During the cold weather, warmer outerwear took place in the fashion world. During the early years, clothes became thinner which was not useful in cold climates. Indian shawls became most loveable in that era, especially light silk and sheer muslin dresses were common.

Wearing of shawls was very popular in that era and Indian shawls were too. Shawls were used in different types of dresses and it was well suited to any kind of fashion.  

Final words

In the era of the fashion revolution, many clothing styles, as well as accessories became famous. People love to experiment with dressing styles and try to find something new and attractive and they were successful in introducing many fashion styles in those times.

This fashion revolution changed both the man’s and woman’s life, women got a lot of options to wear as clothes, footwear, and other accessories, and men did too. Men’s wear like – dinner jacket, ditto suit, trousers, dandy style, Greatcoat, frock coat, waistcoats.

They introduced so many boots for men like cowboy boots, Wellington boots, hessian boots, and some other accessories like top hats and all. Women’s trending wears like, outwear- choker necklaces, gloves, bonnets, pagoda sleeves, tippets, and mantelets. Morning wear dresses of women like- petticoats, corsets, tea gowns, evening gowns, and all.


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