COVID-19: Israel team reaches India for development of rapid testing kits


On 27th July 2020, we are here with information that a team from Israel has reached India, Delhi. They are here to work with DRDO for forwarding the work of developing rapid COVID testing kits. These raid COVID testing kits are going to give results in just 30 seconds. Israel ambassador, Ron Malka says that if these rapid testing kits will develop. Then it could be a game-changer against COVID-19.

Israeli Defence Ministry Research and development:

Furthermore, the team is going to start working with India’s chief scientist K Vijay Raghavan and DRDO. The working of the DRDO and Israel team is to develop a COVID testing kit that will give results in less than 30 or 30 seconds. Ergo, these information claims are out by the Israeli team last week. Further information claimed that the Directorate of Defence Research and Development (DDR&D) is going to conduct the final stage of testing. This is because the Israel team will easily determine the effectiveness of a number of rapid diagnostic solutions with Indian counterparts.

Probing further, the Israel team arrived in India by special flight in the morning and also brought with a breakthrough. The breakthrough is emerging the Israeli technologies for combating COVID-19, Malka said all this. In addition, he says, the special medical equipment developed in Israel has also brought to India by this team. This special equipment has come through a special flight just to fight with COVID-19. Reports have also informed the people that the Israeli team is there with special advanced respirators also because they were banned from export. Ergo, this is the reason why they themselves have bought it through the special flight. But a wavier was given to bring them India, Malka claimed about this.

Lastly, one most important information that we would like to tell the audience is that since the global pandemic has come to India PM of Israel and PM of India had three telephonic conversations. These three telephonic conversations were based on promising mutual assistance for dealing with Coronavirus.

Ergo, these are some of the updates from the Israel team and DRDO, no further information is out yet. To know more about the development of rapid testing kits just connect to us for updates. #Stay Home #Stay Safe.

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