PUBG: Government to consider a ban on PUBG game, India


Recent updates are telling the government of India is soon going to impose a ban on PUBG (Players Unknown Battleground). Previously due to increasing tensions between India and China government banned around 59 Chinese apps. This ban on Chinese apps was imposed because the agents discovered that the information is going out of the country in an unauthorized manner. So many popular apps including TikTok, UC Browser, etc. ban in India and also were remove from the Play Store.

Furthermore, the information claims that a set of 275 more apps are also going to ban in India. This ban is going to impose just because of the cyber threating problems coming to the nations. On Monday, 27th July 2020, the government of India ban around 47 apps and these apps were the clones of previously ban applications. Some of the applications are TikTok Lite, Helo Lite, Bigo Lite, etc. people have claimed these apps are unavailable on the Google Play Store as well as on Apple Play Store. Now threatening news is there for all the PUBG lovers, however, it is not part of the list but is under the scanner.

PUBG is one of the favorite gaming platforms as thousands and billions of people play this game. PUBG is very much popular in countries like India and it having around 175 million downloads in India only. One thing about PUBG, South Korean Company, Bluehole developed it. Later on, the Chinese Multi-National Company conglomerate and it holds a considerable amount of share in this popular game. So, this is the reason why the government is considering a ban on this popular PUBG game. There are many security concerns as well.

Several applications are known for sharing data with the Chinese government and PUBG is also one of them. However, it is still underscan. Previously also PUBG use to face heavy criticism because parents and guardians complain the nation should impose a ban on this game. This was because the youth addiction to PUBG was increasing and this was the imposing psychological impact on children.

The neighboring country of India nation, Pakistan has already imposed a ban on PUBG than why can’t we? Let’s just wait for the updates of the Indian government if PUBG will ban or not.

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