PGI Chandigarh Got Success in the Safety Trial of Corona Vaccination


In the panic times of COVID-19, we got good news from Chandigarh PGI. It has been discovered that the hospital in Chandigarh named has PGI, has successfully made an alternative for coronavirus. PGI has also claimed that the alternative made for coronavirus has cleared the safety trial with positive results. The drug tried for this corona vaccination was Mycobacterium W (MW). Ergo, this is a drug given in the treatment of leprosy and now it has saved the lives of 6 corona patients by giving positive results in beating corona.

In an interview, the PGI in Chandigarh claimed that the patients of the corona were on ventilators. But after giving 0.3 ml of the MW vaccine they showed a lot of improvement. Therefore, this has been a great success for Chandigarh and after this, the doctors said that they have been testing this medicine on patients for 3 days. Moreover, it has given positive results only, no complications were seen. So, that claimed that this medicine is totally safe for the patients of the corona. Probing further, doctors clarified that this medicine has helped in beating leprosy, pneumonia as well as tuberculosis and it was totally safe in these medical conditions. Even in the tough and serious conditions of the corona, this medicine has gained success.

Let us also tell you that the department of the Council of Science and Industrial Research has allowed for this medicine trial. Now, it has gained a good success as it gained in the treatment of leprosy.

Stay updated to know more about the updates of the corona.

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