Health Minister of India, Dr. Harsh Vardhan to take charge of Chairman at WHO (World Health Organization)


WHO (World Health Organization) was set up in the United Nations in the year 1948 and is usually responsible for international public health. Ergo, the WHO (World Health Organization) agency is currently at the forefront of global efforts towards containing the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The officials said that union health minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan, the forefront of India battle against COVID-19, is now set to take the charge of chairman at WHO (World Health Organization) on 22nd May. This was an announcement made by the officials on Tuesday and is really a good and appreciating news for all the people of India. The officials said that Mr. Vardhan is going to succeed, Dr. Hiroki Nakatani of Japan who is currently regarded as the Chairman of 34 member WHO Executive Board. Furthermore, the officials said that the proposal to appoint India’s nominee as Chairman of the WHO (World Health Organization) was signed by the 194-nation World Health Assembly on Tuesday.

The post of Chairman of WHO (World Health Organization) is held by rotation for one year among regional groups and it was decided last year that the Indian nominee is going to be Chairman for the first year starting from Friday. This is not a full-time assignment but Dr. Harsh Vardhan is required to chair Executive Board meetings, an official said. The Executive Board is composed of 34 individuals and all of them are qualified in the field of Health and each and every one of them is designated by the World Health Assembly. Hence, the important functions of the Chairman are to make effective decisions and policies of the Health Assembly and they are advised to facilitate their work properly.

Probing further, on 73rd World Health Assembly via video conferencing on Monday Dr. Harsh Vardhan has said that India took all the necessary steps well in time to combat this COVID-19 pandemic situation. He further said that the nation India is doing very well in this pandemic situation and is furthermore confident to do better in the coming months. Hence, India is fully ready to take the chairmanship of the Executive Board amid growing calls, including by US President Donald Trump. Therefore, it’s an honor for India that Dr. Harsh Vardhan the Health Minister of India is going to lead the WHO (World Health Organization) during the crucial times of this pandemic outbreak of coronavirus.

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