IIT Director- Further delays in JEE, NEET can have serious repercussions


Recently, IIT Director Delhi V Ramgopal Rao says that further delays in JEE and NET exams can have serious repercussions. Ramgopal also says this will not only affect the academic calendar but will also affect the career of bright students. Further, he says if we keep on postponing the exams the future of students will be at risk. But on the other hand, parents are against the decision of the government to open educational facilities amid COVID-19.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are facing lots of things and in between all this, the career of students is also suffering. Because the students are not able to give their exams and move their studies forward. But nothing can be done because exposing a number of students to the environment for a national level exam can be life threating. As we all know that each country across the globe is suffering from COVID, so how the government decides to take such national level exams.

However, on the other hand, Mr. Ramgopal Rao, the IIT Delhi Director says that not taking exams for so long can have serious repercussions. He says that I fail to say how we will be able to run two batches together. Moreover, how will we able to increase the availability of seats as this year has become zero academics year for lakhs of students. In addition, he says that the academic calendars of our nation are already filled and tightly packed that we can’t even think to give classes to two batches together. It is totally impossible, so that’s why I’m saying further postpone of JEE and NEET can have serious repercussions.

Probing further, Ramgopal says that we have already lost six months of this year. So, if the government decides to conduct exams in September we can at least start the sessions in December. Tinkering and thinking of examination patterns will however be determinal and unfair for everyone in this pandemic of COVID. But we have nothing to do, if we will wait for JEE and NEET exams then the career of students will be at loss. Mr. Rao also states the COVID, is not going to end for one year and we cannot be total lockdown mode. So, it’s an appeal to parents and students to trust the institutions and take entrance exams. The safety guidelines for COVID-19 will be properly maintain, so it’s just an appeal to the people to trust the government.

The IIT Director Delhi, says that everything is going to be monitored and steps will be taken care of properly. However, so many opposition people and celebrities have demanded to postpone the exams. But still, we are out with the date of JEE and NEET. JEE Mains exam is going to take place on September 1-6 while NEET will take place on September 13. Mr. Rao is asking again and again for students to come forward and move on with their aims. He also says that every precaution and steps will be taken, so, people should not worry at all.

However, many of the people have demanded to postpone but the government has not given any information on that. Come in touch to have more updates on JEE and NEET exams.

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