Govt plans to relieve Aadhaar mobile linking

Ravleen Chawla

Mobile phone users, mainly senior citizens, facing complexity in fulfilling with the SC order of Aadhaar mobile linking as proxy authorisation may soon be acceptable for the rationale.There is release on the method for all regarding the problems faced by all.

The options being measured by the government in discussion with telecom companies comprise use of online OTP i.e. one-time password for mobile numbers registered with the Unique Identification Authority of India, the option such as iris scanning for persons whose fingerprints are unclear along with home visits for senior citizens.

Sources supposed the UIDAI is probable to issue instructions delineation the options that could be made accessible to mobile users to fulfil with the SC ruling. As because the procedure is completed with minimum hassle to the public. There has been worry that public aggravation over time-consuming measures was reflecting poorly on the government.  Even though it had not wanted Aadhaar mobile linking to phones.

The proxy authorisation alternative will observe a person nominated by a senior citizen confirming Aadhaar mobile linking. As of now, it is not apparent whether the facility will be limited to senior citizens or be accessible to other mobile users also. The move should simplify problems like long waits at mobile service provider outlets plus issues like non-availability of machines.

Aadhaar mobile linking could get easier if the mobile number is the same as given to UIDAI at the time of registration. The UIDAI itself is not allowable under law to carve up details with telecom companies. But it can do so through an OTP verified method offered by a service provider. The alternative to home visits by telecom companies where biometrics can be definite by a small scanner connected to a mobile is also being measured.

Aruna Sundararajan, the Telecom Secretary, told media that the government was aware of any concern.   Lately held a conference with mobile operators as well as UIDAI to sort them out.  She alleged “We are trying to make easy things for both -telcos plus customers. We are mainly worried for older customers where biometrics cannot succeed. We are coming out with actions to ease the sting of customers”.

Mobile phone customers have been getting vital and frequent messages from telecom operators for Aadhaar mobile linking, or face extrication in services. Customers of leading companies like Airtel, Vodafone plus Idea cellular, have to contract with SMS alerts along with even telecalls to link numbers with Aadhaar.

For example, the clientele is being told by several operators that their numbers will be disengaged in case the confirmation is “not completed instantly”. This is far from the reality as clientele have time until around the first week of February next year to finish the procedure. An agitated client of Airtel got this message concerning the Aadhaar mobile linking, “…To keep on services, please contact the service centre.”. Customer added that Why is this urgency? If we have time until February”.

Telecom companies justified the necessity on their part to the “potential rush if everybody comes for confirmation towards the end of the deadline in February”. Though, they did not respond questions concerning customer pain points.


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