India Boycott Pakistan fully After the Inappropriate Statement of Imran Khan on Pulwama Terror Attack

Nick Clair

In the aftermath of this dreadful attack. The bilateral ties between the two countries have deteriorated it further. 40 CRPF soldiers lost their lives in Pulwama Terror Attack when an SUV full of explosives rammed in the bus of the soldiers. Pakistan based militant group Jaish-e-Mohammad founder and chief (Masood Azhar) took responsibility for this attack.


  1. Imran Khan inappropriate statement on Pulwama terror attack made the Indian people full of aggression.
  2. Indian people to boycott Pakistan. Ministers have put an appeal to remove all the Pakistani singers and actors from the mother nation- Hindustan.
  3. ICC chairman Rajeev Shukla. Has also put an appeal to the BCCI World Cup organization. He asked to remove Pak from the World Cup.
  4. Union Minister to make an announcement, that the Indian rivers flowing through Pakistan will be diverted from Yamuna Project.

After, the Pulwama terror attack in Jammu and Kashmir, Indian people are in aggression. On Tuesday, Prime Minister of Pak (Imran Khan) said that: “Without any evidence, India is blaming Pakistan”. He said, “Pak will also retaliate”.

Hindustan to boycott India

After listening to this inappropriate statement of Pakistani Prime Minister people of India are thinking to boycott Pakistan fully. All the ministers, cricketers, water resource managers said that we should boycott every Pakistani thing in India.

India to remove all the Pakistani actors and singers

According to the recent updates. The People of India have put an appeal to remove all the Pakistani from the music and film industry. Pakistani singers and actors such as Atif Aslam,Rahat Fateh Ali, Ali Zafar etc. Should be a boycott in India. Indian people are saying that all Pakistani movies should be banned in India.

No supply of sugar and anything:

The supply system of India has also said that we will not be supplying any sugar to Pakistan. The people working in the supply system said. When there is no relation left between Pak and India. Then there is no to supply sugar and cotton to Pak.

Pakistan to be banned from playing cricket also

Sunil Gavaskar and Harbhajan say “Pakistan should be banned to play cricket in the ICC world cup”. BCCI is seeking forward to put a request to the ICC World Cup 2019 to ban Pakistan from playing cricket also. All the cricketers and even the IPL chairman Rajeev Shukla said to remove Pakistan from playing cricket.

Union Minister (To divert the flow of water for Yamuna project)

According to the recent news the union minister Nitin Gadkari said that “Water flow from three Indian rivers in Pakistan will now be used for the Yamuna river project”. After the withdrawal of Most Favorable Nations (MFN), the Indian union minister has made an announcement to divert the water flow from Pakistan to the Yamuna project.

According to the updates, the relationship between India and Pak are becoming worse.


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