NGT to ban crackers from November 7th to 30th: Air Pollution


Recent updates are calling that NGT (National Green Tribunal) on Monday issued a notice to MoEF (Ministry of Environment and Forest Affairs). Through that notice, NGT asked MoEF and four state governments whether the use of crackers should be ban or not. National Green Tribunal asked for the ban of crackers from November 7th to 30th because of the calculating air pollution in some states. NGT is very much worried about public health and the environment that too during the international pandemic of COVID. To know in detail about this notice issued by NGT (National Green Tribunal) to MoEF. You will have to read this piece of information till the end.

According to reports, a bench headed by NGT Chairperson Justice A K Goel sought out a response from MoEF. Along with this, the response was sought to four other states also that is Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan. Furthermore, from the reports, it has been found that NGT appointed senior advocate Raj Panjwani and advocate Shibhani Ghosh. Both of them have been appoint to amicus curiae in the matter.

Probing further, the tribunal was there hearing a plea by Indian Social Responsibility Network, filed through Santosh Gupta. The plea was regarding seeking action against pollution by the use of crackers in NCR during the time when good air is important. NGT (National Green Tribunal) is trying to ban the use of crackers from November 7th to 30th so that the air level gets back to good in Delhi, NCR during COVID. This initiative is going to take place because air is very much necessary during this pandemic of COVID.

Next, the application also referred to the statement of the Union Health Minister and the Health Minister of Delhi. They said that there is a high risk of having COVID cases during this festive season just because of the increase in air pollution. So, better to be at your own safety. So, latest we would like to recommend that if people want to use crackers then use a bit only. This is because excessive use of crackers can lead to an increased pollution rate. And this can affect the vulnerable groups and increase the fatality rate.  So, be safe by taking your own precautions and measures.

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