Union Minister: Kailash Choudhary tested positive for COVID-19


Recently, it has been updated that the union minister of state for agriculture has been tested positive for COVID-19. This information has been claim after the union minister, Kailash Choudhary, tweeted about his health on Twitter account. He informs the people that he is undergoing the treatment at the hospital in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Furthermore, he informs the people that from 1-2 days he was having COVID symptoms, so he self-isolated himself. But when the health worsens he thought of getting a COVID test done. Yesterday night, after showing the COVID symptoms, the reports of union minister has come out positive. After the tests positive for COVID, he tweeted on Twitter that all my friends, relatives, and people please maintain distance from me. In addition, he also said that all those people who came in contact with me should get their COVID test done. This will be good for their health as well as for their family’s health.

Later on, he informs the people that there is no need to panic. I’m suffering from fever and some breathing issues, I will get well soon. Moreover, the union minister says that after consulting doctors I’m undertaking the treatment properly. Probing further, union minister Kailash Choudhary has been hospitalized. He is taking all the precautions properly as per doctors’ advice, so people should not at all worry.

Moreover, the minister was on a three-day visit to the parliamentary constituency, so it is also going for sanitization properly. Union minister also had so many several visits, so all the places he visits are going to be under quarantine. The people working there should also self-isolate themselves and should get their test done. Getting a test done is going to help the person as well as their family members. The safety of us is in our hands only, so we recommend you all to take the precautions properly before going somewhere. Taking up the precautions properly will only help people stay fit and fine. Till the time people should stay in their homes.

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