Manmohan Singh in stable condition after proper medication at AIIMS hospital


Former Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh was hospitalized in AIIMS on Sunday, after complaining about chest pain. But on Monday, the hospital staff said that he is now in a stable condition and is still under observation. This is because he was seen developing fever and some other mild symptoms of other problems as well that is why he is kept under observation at All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

The sources said that the former prime minister has developed this because of a reaction to a new medication. They further said that the investigation is being carried out on him and other causes for fever are also being investigated by the doctor of AIIMS. Far more, the sources made a clarification that he is totally stable now but is still under observation because he suffered from chest pain. Therefore, this can be considered harmful to this pandemic outbreak of coronavirus. All the parameters are fine and he is kept under observation, the reports also clarified that the former prime minister underwent a bypass coronary surgery at the hospital AIIMS in 2009.

Hence, a number of leaders and other people showed concern over his health and also wished for his speedy recovery.

Lastly, we would also like to pray to God for his speedy recovery. If you want to have more updates about Former Prime Minister’s Health, then stay updated with our page.

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