Government removes restrictions on the export of N-95 FFP2 masks


From the recent updates, it has been found that the government has removed all the restrictions over the export of N-95, FFP2 masks. Refer to this article, if you want to have details about the latest news in India.

After so many days of All India Mask Manufacturers Association urged the Modi government to remove restrictions on the export of this mask, the center declared a clear out on Tuesday. As per the information, the Modi government gave the mask manufacturers an order to remove the restrictions. And on Tuesday the restrictions have been remove on the selling of N-995 FFP2 masks. Therefore, this means that the outbound shipments of this item will easily take place now.

Back in August, a monthly quota of export with 50 lakhs units of N-95 FFP2 masks was fix. This is very much equivalent to issuance of export licenses to eligible applicants, DGFT said in a statement. These are the best type of masks that are used by people for controlling the further spread of novel coronavirus. Furthermore, reacting to the statement of DGFT, All India Mask Manufacturers Association Vice-President Anshumali Jain said something. He says that we are going to request the government for opening up the export of N-95 masks without any restrictions. Currently, the limit of export is around 50 lakhs units per month, as per the orders of government.

Probing further, the government-imposed restrictions on the export of these products just to prevent the shortage in the future. Medical equipment like PPE, masks, and gloves face restrictions on export because the government wants to prevent the shortening of items. This is a decision that came into power in India on 6th October 2020. When India faced a sharp drop in COVID cases.

Meanwhile, as per the reports, in the last 24 hours, around 61,267 cases and 884 fatalities were record. And this is very much low than the previously recorded cases. Lastly, we just to would like to say that stay home, stay safe. Go out with full precautions and only when it is necessary.


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