Lockdown 4.0 going to start from Monday 18th May 2020


The official updates about lockdown 4.0 are out, on Friday the government came out with some new guidelines that are to be followed by the people. India is soon going to enter the fourth phase of lockdown that is Lockdown 4.0.

Narendra Modi on May 11th, 2020 addressed the nation and told that we have to stand together in these tough times and should make our nation corona free. On that day only, he hinted the people that we are soon going to enter the new phase of lockdown. Therefore, today the official’s updates about Lockdown 4.0 came out, from May 18th that is Monday we are going to see the new lockdown. These new guidelines are much more different from the previous one. Let’s discuss the new guidelines shared by the government of India.

  1. The districts that are in the green zone will enjoy going out and other essential facilities also but they will have to maintain social distancing on a large scale.
  2. The airline services are not going to start as well as the train services will not be operated. Only the special trains that are being started by the government will be operated.
  3. Containment zones will not enjoy any kind of features, they will be sealed till the state ministers give them a clean chit from the containment zone.
  4. Construction activities will be started in all the green zone areas. All the health services are going to be operational.
  5. Animal husbandry activities are fully permitted including fisheries.
  6. Private offices can operate with up to 33% strength as per requirement, with the remaining persons working from home.
  7. Print and electronic media, IT and IT-enabled services, data and call centers, cold storage, and services provided by self-employed persons, except for barbers, etc.
  8. All the government offices will be remained opened with 33% of staff. The people who need to come office and who need to work from home will be selected by the head officials in the office.

Hence these are the guidelines given by the government of India. It is very much clear that the green zone areas are going to enjoy more features as compared to orange and red zones.

Stay updated to have more information.

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