Kanpur: 57 Girls at Children Shelter Home were tested positive whereas 5 of them were pregnant


Recently, through an information, it has been found that around fifty-seven girls in Uttar Pradesh Kanpur district tested positive with COVID virus. But an administration official said that from out of these 57 girls around 5 of minors were pregnant. This is such a shameful act around 2 more minor girls were found pregnant were tested negative whereas another minor girl was HIV positive.

After finding this information, the National Human Rights Commission has issued some notices to the Chief Secretary and Uttar Pradesh Police DGP. The administrative officials have clarified that around 7 of the girls were found pregnant out of which 5 were tested with COVID whereas 2 were negative. These girls were referred by the Child Welfare Committees of Agra, Etah, Kannauj, Firozabad, and Kanpur under the POCSO Act. The district magistrate said that two of the girls are going under a treatment at LLR hospital whereas the other three are taking the treatment in a private hospital.

An investigating officer reported that the first case of COVID detected here was on June 15th, 2020. Ergo, two days later 33 more were tested positive with the outbreak of the COVID virus. Reporting officials further said that “This shelter home was built for around 100 people but was housed with 171, so that’s the reason why social distancing was difficult over there.” Soon after the revealing of this news, UP Chief Secretary Rajendra Kumar Tiwari issued orders for implementation for taking the precautions as well as to check how the spread of COVID-19 in the women shelters, orphanages, juvenile homes and many others in the state.

Such incidents are coming out and showing that everything is being suppressed in the name of investigations, but these are very much inhuman acts taking place in the shelter homes of government. Therefore, the entire story of the home shelter of Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur is in front of the whole country. Hence, it is one of the most shameful act in between the COVID pandemic that the officials are still investigating on.

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