Every Indians Is a VIP: Statement By Prime Minister

Jake Blake

Narendra Damodardas Modi is our country’s current Prime Minister. From his first day in this tenure as India’s Prime Minister, he has been all those things which are country demands for. He and his ministry have a very long vision about all the Indian miseries.


They have worked over various issues and mostly all of these schemes and plans have been successful. Similarly, a day ago he passed a new scheme subjecting that from the next succeeding month, all the all battle or red beacons at the top of the cars will be banned. The central government also approved the Prime Minister’s decision and thus, took another step to do away with this “VIP CULTURE “. This rule applies to all the citizens of India, whether they are government officials, officers, ministers or any other famous personalities. This movement is generally based on the idea to save and protect the dignity of the commoners of the respective state.


This ban has not even exempted for the country’s top dignitaries,  President, Prime Minister and Chief Justice of India too.This move will end up all the special privileges given to the bureaucrats, ministers and politicians that have been always using these powers as the status symbol only. Through this, our Prime Minister wants to create a sense of equality among all the Indian citizens. He desires to give a fresh start to a healthy culture and tradition. Fortunately, most of the leaders and ministers are appreciating this decision and taking an active part in this. For example, Gadkari is the first minister to remove beacon immediately after the government law is passed and thus supporting the movement by actively going against VIP culture. Many other leaders like him are also joining the movement.


Moreover, Blue flashing beacons are encouraged to be used in emergency vehicles like ambulances, fire exit, police and army vehicles to cut through the traffic easily. Acknowledging the efforts of our prime minister, Road transport and highway minister, Nitin Gadkari also called this decision historic and tweeted, ” Usage of red beacons tied us back to our colonial legacy. With the all bat removal, PM Narendra Modi’s vision of new India took a step more forward.


So, According to my views, Mr Modi has done a great job. Through his these actions we can end up discrimination and empower equality among all. Through this, we can make all our Indians equally respectable and honoured. This decision will boost up the dignity of all common citizens of India. Earlier, these common people had to suffer a lotPrime Minister

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