New Guidelines have been Formed for Unlock 4.0 as Metro is Starting from 7

Jake Blake

The center has taken various new initiatives to ease the unlock 4.0 as METRO SERVICES will start from first week of September. This is a very big step as for the first time Metro will start running since March 2020. However, there will be some specific rules for the sitting arrangement in metro.


Tickets will be collected by scanning QR code with the help of Aarogya Setu app. Passengers have to follow social distancing rules as there will be limitation on the entry of people, proper thermal scanning will be done, gates will be open for longer period of time so that passengers can leave or enter in the metro by following proper social distancing rules.

Further, guidelines have been issued by Home Affairs stating that there will be no state lockdowns outside containment zones and states will not seal the borders anymore.

School and Collages:-

Opening of schools and universities is still questionable as it seems to be risky so there might be an option given to senior students to go to schools on voluntary basis. This will help senior students to get the concepts clear from their teacher by having one on one discussion.

For teachers it is same as before as schools can call their 50% of teachers for online teaching sessions. These new guidelines have to be followed till September 30 so it is for sure that school and university are not fully opening in the coming month.

Entertainment :-

There are still many high risk places which are still prohibited to open such as theaters, swimming pools, open parks and any places where gathering is more than 100 people. In addition to this, trains will be restricted as they were in previous lockdown. Passengers travelling to abroad can travel by taking permission from concerned authorities.

There is still restriction on gathering of people for any kind of gatherings either public or private. Only 100 people are allowed in any kind of gathering, everyone has to wear masks and follow the norms of social distancing. Usage of hand sanitiser is still there like before as everyone has to keep themselves safe from this virus.

Rules for wedding and funerals are same as before. So, people have still gone for the option of small functions for any kind of event. Probably, it seems like everyone has to kind of get used these guidelines for very long period of time.

There might be few changes in states which are affected more from COVID 19. So, the states which are in red zone still have to face some strict guidelines to ease the situation in effected states. One thing is for sure that there is no interstate lockdown which implies that movement of goods from one place to another is really easy and definitely it easy for people to go from one state to another.

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