Bois Locker Room: The person who planned sexual assault in Snapchat group is actually a girl


Recently, from the reports, it has been clarified that the person who created the Bois Locker Room on Snapchat is actually a girl. She made a fake profile by the name of Siddharth and tried to plan her own sexual assault. The news reports also told that she created the group and added so many people but one of the boys in conversation refused to reply to the chats in that group.

Police Department said that a few days ago some chats from the Bois Locker room got viral, but furthermore police found that all the two conversations of Snapchat and Instagram are not at all related. This is because the person who created the Bois Locker Room page on Instagram has not created the conversation room on Snapchat. The person who created on Snapchat is a girl, who was trying to talk about her own assault with her fellow classmate. She made a fake account by name of Siddharth and this is because she wanted to see how he reacted about that.

The investigating team said that the police have seen so many screenshots about that Bois Locker Room and one of them was this Snapchat group. They further found that the girl did this to check the character of her fellow classmate. Furthermore, the girl said that I was trying to check the strength of the character that fellow classmate. Therefore, the chat screenshot of this Snapchat group was shared by one of the classmates of that girl.

It was initially found that the police have arrested the administrator that Bois Locker Room group on Instagram and he is kept in the juvenile. The police said that 27 out of 24 boys have been examined, two are out of reach whereas details of one are still awaited. The department of police said that we are soon going to arrest the people involved in this chat room. They also said that this was very much shocking that the group administrator of the Snapchat group was a girl. The investigation of the Police on this incident of Bois Locker Room is still in process.

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