Amazon demands its employers to delete TikTok from their phones


Recently, we got information that the giant selling company Amazon has demanded all its employers to delete the Chinese owned app TikTok from their respective phones. Amazon asked the employers to delete this app because they want to put the tech giant at the center of growing suspicion and paranoia about the app.

After a period of five hours, Amazon reversed the course saying that the email sent to the workers was just sent by error. But in initial mail obtained it has been found that the mail stated employers to delete the Chinese app from their phones as there are some security risks. Moreover, Amazon claimed that people should remove this app by Friday if they want to continue accessing their Amazon mail. Ergo, in the further statements given by the spokeswomen of Amazon “Kristin Brown” said that there will be no changes in the policies right now regarding TikTok.

Probing further, due to the increasing tensions about trade and technology dominance between the United States and China, TikTok has come with increased scrutiny in Washington just for security. Moreover, like India, the government of Donald Trump has also decided to remove some of the Chinese apps as they are posing threat to national security. In between all this, many of the people connected to TikTok for fame and earning money are having fear because of this broad ban. Some of the people have shared that they are not able to use this app and the government has also asked the military personnel to delete this app from the government-issued phones because this will help in losing down the threat imposed on national security.

Furthermore, seeing all the concerns Byte Dance said that we will separate this app from Chinese operations and the data of people will be stored in the United States instead of China. Ergo, this is all why Amazon has asked its people to remove the TikTok app from their specified mobiles.

Stay connected to have more details regarding this all. #Boycott of China.

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