Tourism ministry working on safety measures and sanitization certificate


As we all know that every country across the globe is going through this pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 and this is the only reason why so many industries are being affected. There are so many industries that are being impacted by this international outbreak but you will be shocked to know that the hospitality industry is one of the most affected industries. Hence, it is very much clear because travel, tourism, hotels, etc. are not the essential parts of life that is why they have been shut down.

But today we got information that the Ministry of tourism in a webinar said that we are working on safety measures and sanitization certification. Meenakshi Sharma is the director-general of the Ministry of tourism and she had a meeting with so many state secretaries about these safety measures and sanitization during travel. Ergo, we got to know that the first draft of this certification is going to release on 20th May 2020 that is Thursday. She said that there is a huge need to highlight safety and sanitization because these are the only things that are to be maintained in this pandemic outbreak of COVID-19. Furthermore, she says that we already made the guidelines and were circulated to states but it will be a good idea if the industry gets ready to accept a certification.

Probing further, Meenakshi says that we are already ready with one draft which is going to be discussed in the market and will immediately forward with this. After all this, she added that this will give confidence to travelers once the industry gets opened. Hence, as soon as the policies come out the industry will come to open and people will be able to book their holidays without any tension of maintaining measures of COVID-19. After all this, she also highlighted the need for opening hotels and other hospitality industries. Hence, this is all that the Ministry of Tourism said today on safety measures and sanitization for the hospitality industry.

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