Delhi Government has Banned Hookah Bars all Over the Town

Jake Blake

The delhi government has prohibited hookah lounges or hookah restaurant and has also given orders to municipal corporation and delhi police to cancel the licence of all the hookah lounges and other eateries where hookah bars are offered or served.

Satyendra Jain, the health minister of Delhi said on 31st October 2017 that as per sec- 4 of Cigarette and other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA), hookah smoking is forbidden or outlawed in non smoking areas and smoking zones as well.

Healthinister of Delhi said, that the centre had proceeded the notice in the month of may with the ministry of health and family welfare to entirely ban hookah bars all over the township.

Why Delhi government has prohibited hookah bars in Delhi township?

Satyendra Jain said that the power of tobacco has regulated various assaults in the diverse areas of Delhi and the chemical inspection has shown that the large amount of nicotine is present in all the samples as well.

This is a claim that they use herbal products in the flavours of hookah which could not affect people.

“Regarding this, 4 years before, letters had been written to Delhi police and municipal corporation to take a strict action against hookah lounges and the restaurants offering hookah bars and protect the younger generation from the hazardous reaction of tobacco. But the action is not taken yet and the transgression is still going on in the numerous parts of the town.”

Especially in the rural regions or areas, hookah is the choice of so many people. But the last few years ago, hookah bars has achieved popularity in urban areas also.

Large number of youngsters and elders usually think that hookah is a safest substitute to smoking without even noticing or realising that it is more hazardous and has major side effects on their health.

As stated by CDC (centres for disease control and prevention) smoking hookah for 1 hour or more than that comprises of 200 puffs which estimated or measured to 30 puffs of a cigarette.

The order passed by government may prove to be a shock for many youngsters, but as long as the health is concerned; the decision is wise enough.

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