COVID updates: US allows emergency use of plasma therapy for patients


From November 2019, we are getting to hear the name of this deadly virus that is COVID. This deadly originated from a market of Wuhan, China in 2019, and in 2020 it came all across the world. In simple words, people from all across the globe started suffering from this pandemic outbreak of COVID. Due to these tough situations, all the countries imposed lockdown but the US did not. Hence, this is the only reason why America is having more 58 lakh cases and around 1 lakhs+ death.

As per the information, the situations in the US are worsening as more and more people are getting infect by COVID. Seeing these situations, US health watchdog has given orders for emergency use of plasma therapy for COVID patients. Moreover, they say that benefits of this treatment out weight any potential risks. According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), around 70,000 people in the US got treated with this therapy. All of those patients recovered as well from COVID infection. Hence, this is the only reason why the emergency use of plasma therapy for COVID treatment has been ordered in the US nation.

Probing further, the President of the US, Donald Trump welcomed this move of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Donald Trump says that I am very much pleased that in the battle against China virus we are going to save countless lives now. Through the use of plasma therapy, we are going to save the lives of people. These are the claims of Trump at White House briefing that was refer to COVID-19. Hence, this is a good initiative by the US government to save their people’s life.

However, this therapy is effective in some cases but still it is going to be used for emergency use only. The US government further says that as soon as the vaccine will arrive people are going to be treat with that only. So, wait till the vaccine comes and thanks to the US government for this step of them.

No more information is out yet as soon as we get some more updates, we will discuss them with you. So, in touch with us to have more COVID updates.

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