Russia to start production of world’s first COVID vaccine


Reports on August 12th, 2020 claimed that Russia is going to come with the COVID vaccine soon. Whereas on the next day only sources inform the people that the world’s first COVID vaccine is finally launched. However, this is good news but the WHO (World Health Organization) is saying that Russia has not taken all the vaccine the trails.

Today, August 15th, 2020 is the day when Russia finally started the manufacturing of this COVID vaccine. According to the Sputnik news, Gamaleya Scientific Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology is the institute that developed the vaccine. Furthermore, Russia has said that the vaccine is going to roll out for the whole world by the end of this year. But some scientists are worried that Moscow may put national prestige before safety. Let’s see what happens, what not?

Earlier, Russian President Putin says that the COVID vaccine has undergone all the necessary testing. Moreover, two daughters of his have received a dose of this vaccine and both of them are fine now. But still, reports are claiming that WHO is not agreeing with Russia that they have done all the necessary tests. Therefore, this announcement was made during the wake of the novel COVID virus when it infected more than 20 million people.  Probing further, Russia says that it is ready to manufacture around 500 million doses of vaccine per year in five countries. This is such great news for people of all the nation.

Let’s wait for further updates on the COVID vaccine. To have more information come and connect to us. #Stay Home #Stay Safe.

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