Seven injured in a massive fire at Sharjah tower, more than 250 families evacuated


Gulf Sharjah tower catches fire: So many cars were parked in the area and are damaged because of the fire as the wind carries heavy debris. Ergo, seven people got injured in this massive fire and more than 250 families are evacuated from Sharjah tower, constructed in 2006.

According to the reports, it has been found that seven people were injured in this fire incident at Sharjah. The other 5 people were also rushed to the hospital after this incident of a residential building in Al Nahda. From the reports, we got to know that the fire erupted on the tenth floor of Abbco tower at around 9:04 pm, the fire was very much massive. Furthermore, the eyewitnesses told that the fire erupted in a building located next to the Taj Bangalore Restaurant. In addition, the reports said that the reasons for the fire at yet unknown.

The high rise was having around 47 floors, excluding parking but has been noted that no casualties have been reported. All the injured people are there in better conditions now. The residents of that building and the neighboring high rise were evacuated very fast and this is the only reason why no casualties have been reported in this incident. Furthermore, so many cars have also been damaged but no reports from news have yet told that whether there were any Indian residents or not.

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