Trump says problem has reached a point where something has to be done on North Korea

Ravleen Chawla

US President Donald Trump has supposed that he has a diverse approach to North Korea’s latest missile and nuclear tests. He asserts that the problem has arrived at a point where “something has to be done”. North Korea has fired nearly  22 missiles, counting two across Japan, all through 15 tests since February existing year, drawing a pointed retort from the US plus its allies.

On Wednesday Mr Trump told reporters in a joint media appearance with visiting Canadian PM Justine Trudeau at his Oval Office that “I consider I might have a rather different attitude and a diverse way than other people. I think maybe I feel stronger as well as tougher on that matter than other people, but I take note of everyone.”

Donald Trump added “eventually, I will perform what is correct for the US and, what is accurate for the world. As that is, in reality, a world trouble; that is beyond just the US.”

Replying to a query, the US president supposed it is a problem that has to be solved. Later on, at night, Donald Trump told media that the world had reached a condition on North Korea where something has to be done.   US President Donald Trump whispered that “these circumstances ought to be knobbed twenty years before; and should be felt twenty years ago, plus ten years ago, as well as five years ago”. Trump supposed “this should have been seized by all, but surely President Obama should have taken concern of it. Now it is at a position where it is very, very far complex. Something has to be done. We cannot let this to occur”.

For now, Republican Congressman Ted Yoho told media that the aim is to put sanctions on North Korea, have the world acquire into it, fetch them to the negotiating table, and search out a diplomatic ending to this.

Yoho alleged “All North Korea has to perform is gaze at the satellites at night and evaluate South Korea to North Korea. You can observe what a democracy and a market economy do, and you can compare that with Vietnam, who we conflicted with, with the Vietnam War. They hold market economies.

 He added that “Neither country enclose a nuclear weapon. So nuclear weapons are not the way to respond. Economic trade as well as let’s work on those things that we can consent on and then position the nuclear weapons away”.

The Donald Trump government along with the UN has been at the front position of a drive to inflict economic sanctions on the common isolated North Korean rule for its nuclear ambitions which have endangered the world tranquility.

Trump has occupied in a growing war of words with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un in the midst of rising tensions amid the two countries. Trump has even supposed that diplomatic efforts have not work in trade with North Korea.


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