Essentials of Gas Tank Planning Permission


Installation of a fuel tank requires approval from state-owned local planning authorities and only under certain conditions. Here’s all you need to know;

Need for planning permission

Installation of gas tank is regarded as a ‘permitted development’ which means it mightn’t need planning permission only if following conditions and limitations are met;

  • Capacity of the storage tank shouldn’t exceed 3,500 litres
  • Shouldn’t trigger any unwanted elevation on the road or highway per se
  • Maximum overall height should be approximately three metres
  • It shouldn’t cover more than half the area of land around the actual storage facility.
  • No buildings or any other developments whatsoever must be affected
  • Storage and installation of gas tanks shouldn’t affect natural setting and public places that may include containers and pools
  • Mustn’t be kept at property’s edge even on the designated land

Gas tank suppliers in Dubai or at any other place need to operate in compliance with state regulations and agreement! This is applicable on all private and government owned properties whereas installation of the fuel tank needs complying with the building regulation requirements for the safety of all.

Obtaining the planning permission

The local council’s planning department would cater to the information when applying for planning permission. The instructions and relevant applications alongside essential paperwork are all available on local council’s official website for you to print however; most of the procedure nowadays is performed through online portal.

Essential factors to include in the application

  • Location plan

Ordnance survey is a map that clearly marks your site and all other adjacent properties including roadways which can be obtained from the planning department against a small fee. You site must be clearly highlighted in ‘red’ for clarity and prominence.

  • Site plan

A site plan represents location of the tank with respect to the boundaries and building of the site. This usually need to be measures at 1:500 or 1:200 and easily plotted with an architect’s scale rule, available at almost every stationery shop. Providing details of uneven or slanted land and planned elevations is necessary so as to manage installation accordingly. Gas tank suppliers in Dubai and in other countries likewise are required to specify details of a tank in terms of capacity and colour.

  • Certificate of ownership

This certificate is an evidence of you being owner of the land as well as notifying all other owners of the land as well.

  • Application fee

The fee varies per service as well as between different countries so your council would tell the actual amount payable.

  • Cover letter

Although not mandatory, including a cover letter is a professional method. So before you file the application, do contact with the planning department to know about the planning officer you’ll deal with so that the letter addresses the concerned person directly.


It must be noted that the final decision on the installation of fuel tanks may come forth within eight weeks so you need exercising patience since these matters are critical and hastiness would only raise problems.

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