5 Reasons Why Joe Biden will be a Better President than Trump

Nick Clair
Joe Biden will be a Better President than Trump

USA got their 46th president on Saturday in the form of Joe Biden in an epic presidential election, ending 4 tumultuous years under Trump. The elections were held on 3rd November which offered American voters a choice between two presidential candidates i.e. Donald Trump and Joe Biden. People are already assuming that Joe will be a better president than Trump and here are 5 reasons why:

1. Biden’s views and ideas for tax policy:

Joe Biden would enact a number of policies that would raise taxes on individuals with income above $400,000, including raising individual income, capital gains, and payroll taxes. Biden would also raise taxes on corporations by raising the corporate income tax rate and imposing a corporate minimum book tax. He’ll make the wealthy to pay for social programs in other words.

2. Views and thoughts on immigration and Border wall and ICE

The most  dramatic change in the Biden administration versus the Trump administration will come on President Donald Trump’s signature campaign issue from 2016: the border wall. President-elect Joe Biden has pledged to put a swift halt to border wall construction and loosen immigration restrictions imposed by Trump.

To pay for the barrier, Trump has siphoned billions from military construction projects and other programs over the past two years, much to the dismay of lawmakers in both parties. But legislative efforts to shield the Pentagon budget so far have fallen short, while legal challenges to halt construction of the wall are winding their way through the courts.

3. Foreign policies:

According to a British online newspaper website Telegraph, Biden always criticized Trump’s “America First” nationalism and the Democrat is much keener on building relationships with America’s allies. Mr Biden will look to repair some relationships, including with NATO and the World Health Organisation. He would also re-join the Paris Climate Agreement. Mr Biden said he would enter into another international deal with Iran, which was agreed by President Obama and ripped up by Mr Trump.

4. Racial injustice, policing and crime:

Policing, crime and racial injustice have become major themes in November’s presidential election, fuelled in part by a series of killings and shootings of Black people in police custody this summer. Former President Trump and Joe Biden have offered different responses to those issues. People with different ethnicity are much happier by this election’s result.


America need an immediate and bold move against corona virus as their cases have reached over 10 million, that is why Joe Biden is outlining a plan to mount. He is planning to fight COVID through two ways, first he ensures the wide availability of free testing; the elimination of all cost barriers to preventive care and treatment for COVID-19; the development of a vaccine; and the full deployment and operation of necessary supplies, personnel, and facilities.

Secondly an economic response that starts with emergency paid leave for all those affected by the outbreak and gives all necessary help to workers, families, and small businesses that are hit hard by this crisis. Make no mistake: this will require an immediate set of ambitious and progressive economic measures, and further decisive action to address the larger macro-economic shock from this outbreak.

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