About Syria Chemical Attack 2017

Jake Blake

Syria on April 4, 2017, faced one of its worst chemical attack. There is no possible report about you did it but the act is again an epitome of inhuman behavior. According to reports there have been many casualties, many young children and innocent kids lost their life in the midst of the war.

United States and UK are blaming the Syrian President for this attack. According to the victim of the attack, plane dropped the bomb near the hospital.

Series of Events

The plane was seen to drop the bomb, as claimed by the victim. Once the bomb was dropped, victims felt a very strom pungent smell. That was the smell of the gas. After few seconds of the event, victims can feel their eyes burning and had difficulty in breathing. Victims started seeing yellow and blue lights and  feeling dizzy after couple of minutes. The images of the victims in the hospital is traumatizing. These people are not aware about the well being of their family members. Most of them lost consciousness after the chemical bomb attack and opened their eyes in hospital.

What are world’s leaders have to say

United States and UK are blaming Assad, the President of Syria for this attack. President Trump has found this act to be unacceptable.  Un, United States and France has asked Russia make things better in Syria. As Russia is Syria’s best ally. There are some officials around the world are suspecting President Assad’s involvement in the attack but President and his regime has denied any kind of involvement in the attack and have claimed it to be a terrorist attack.

What does it mean?

I am trying my best to follow up all the attacks, hate crimes, murders happening all around the world and still m unable to understand what is the possible reason behind it. Why to achieve something, killing innocent people is justified? Along with the people who suffered from the chemical attack there were innocent children. Who have just started to live their lives. How killing those innocent lives can ever help anyone to achieve whatever they are fighting for. People these days have weird definition of peace. War doesn’t brings peace, it brings pain and void that is created in the lives of people who lost their dear and near ones. Isn’t killing innocent people creates more hatred in the hearts of the people who have lost someone of their own. Wish we could turn back time, where the world was a peaceful and safe place

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