Microsoft decided to shut Internet Explorer in August 2021


Sources claim that Microsoft confirms that it is going to end the support of Internet Explorer 11 across Microsoft 265 applications and services. In simple words, the company says that it is going to shut down the services of Internet Explorer. After, August 17th, 2021 Microsoft will officially end support for the Internet Explorer. Furthermore, this means that people will not be able to browse anything on Internet Explorer after August 17th, 2021 onwards. All the services like Office 365, Outlook and many others are going to stop working. So, the people working on this browser should shift to some other one.

Probing further, before giving all the above-mentioned reports. Microsoft also says that Internet Explorer is going to stop working on teams from November 30th, 2020. However, the Windows running on Windows 10 Operating System is still going to have Internet Explorer. This is because the company has not yet revealed the time for the complete shut of this Explorer from the devices. All this information is claims are through a blog post of Microsoft, let’s discuss it.

In a blog post, Microsoft says that for degraded experience, new Microsoft 365 features will not be available anymore. Certain features may cease to work but approximately half of them are not going to. This is the reason why the company is encouraging the users to start using Microsoft Edge Browser. The company further says that all the features and applications of Internet Explorer are going to be there on the Edge browser. But the Internet Explorer is permanently going to be shut. So, users can easily set on one browser and can have a seamless experience in one and only new Edge browser.

Apart from announcing down the shut down for Internet Explorer, Microsoft also confirms that it is going to shut Microsoft Edge also. But this is going to be shut after March 9th, 2021. Along with that, a new Microsoft Edge browser will come out for the users. So, that they can easily experience the features similar to that of Internet Explorer. Hence, it is an advice to users to shift to the new browser for having new updates and features.

However, the official date for shut down of Internet Explorer is not out yet. So, if you want to have information on that then connect to us.

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