COVID-19 vaccine: More than 150 countries have signed to cure up the coronavirus


From the sources, it has been known that more than 70 countries are there who have signed up the global coronavirus vaccine initiative. These more than 70 countries have said that as soon as the vaccine gets discovered it will surely be distributed all across the globe so that we can cure this international pandemic outbreak of COVID. Moreover, the initiative these more than 70 countries signed have a callus in which it was said that different countries across the globe can stockpile vaccines for their own countries.

According to reports, it has been claimed that on Wednesday, vaccine alliance Gavi in a statement said that all the 75 countries that have signed the initiative will be easily able to join its new “Covax facility” along with the other 90 low-income countries so that they can have donated vaccines. Furthermore, the reports said that the Gavi alliance has allowed the rich countries to reinforce their supplies of vaccines leaving only fewer doses for the vulnerable populations. After all, when Gavi approached donor countries last month, they came to a point that they should come out with insurance policy for rich countries that are already having stucked deals with the drug makers for COVID-19 vaccines.

Gavi further said that, if we will help the donor countries whose drugs are already stucked then it will help other countries as well. Donor countries will be helped because they can help other countries in covering 20% population’s stockpiles.  It further said that other countries are going to be encouraged but will not able to give any doses because it must not be needed. Dozens of vaccines are being researched in so many countries like France, Germany, the United States, and much more other and they have already ordered hundreds and millions even before the vaccines are approved.

Lastly, we would like to tell the audience that more than 150 countries have expressed interest in the development of the COVID vaccines. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and pray that the COVID vaccine gets developed as soon as possible.

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