Rahat Indori Urdu poet passes away due to heart attack


Today, 11th January 2020, we get to know that famous Urdu poet Rahat Indori passes away. Sources claim that Rahat Indori was suffering from the COVID virus. Furthermore, on Tuesday he admits to the hospital. But today in the evening he died due to a heart attack. This is very much sad as this year is taking a lot from us, we have lost around 6 gems specialized in different fields.

Rahat Indori was one of the best Urdu poets, whose powerful and lucid poetry filled the halls. All of his poetry was having a connection with the lives of children and old people. But today he left the nation with his memories and famous writings only. Information from sources claims that he passed away due to heart attack at Madhya Pradesh hospital, Indore. In the pandemic outbreak of COVID, he was feeling sick and low, so as per the doctor’s recommendation, he got his test done. Rahat Indori was found COVID positive after that he was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday morning. But soon in the evening, the whole nation came to know that he passed away and left his famous writings.

Probing further, on Tuesday morning everything was going on the right track, he posted about his health. Moreover, he informed the audience and followers of his that he will keep them updated about his health. Rahat Indori also asked the people to get the COVID test, if they came in contact with him. In addition, he wrote that please pray for me so that I can fight with this COVID disease and get a soon recovery as well. But in the evening he left down the people with tears in their eyes. News reporters came out with information that famous poet Rahat Indori passes due to attack.

Do you know one of the famous lines or memes, their on-trend during Valentine was by him only? Yes, we are talking about the line Bulaati hai Magar jane ka nahin!! Rahat as a true poetic legend who filled the halls and stadiums. No other poet can do such a great job as he did during his 50 years. Moreover, Rahat Indori was the best poet having a direct relationship with each and every listener in his packed arena.

It’s just too much now, we cannot do anything. We can just pray God for each and every person fighting this year for their health. Moreover, we would like to give condolences to the families whose dear ones lost their lives in 2020.

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