Oil spill crises worsen in Mauritius, emergency declared


From the updates, it has been found that in between the pandemic outbreak of COVID, the P.M. of Mauritius declared a state of environmental emergency. Moreover, P.M. has appealed to France for urgent assistance because oil from grounded cargo ship spilled all around. The oil spill unabated into islands nation protected waters.

Later on, the rough seas have hampered so many efforts to stop fuel leaking from the bulk carrier MV, Wakashio. The fuel started leaking two weeks ago and now it is polluting pristine waters in an ecological critical marine area off to the southeast coast. Seeing all this, the Prime Minister of Mauritius declared an emergency at the place. The Prime Minister provided the information about emergency through a tweet on his Twitter account.

The tanker that spilled oil is belonging to a Japanese Company but Panamanian-flagged. The tank was carrying around 3800 tonnes of fuel when it struck in a reef at Pointe d’Esny. Sources claimed that the environment ministry has announced that the oil had begun to sipping from the hull. All the volunteers are rush to the place just to prepare the coast for handling the worst.

Soon, the oil will slick the coral reefs, lagoons, white-sand shores upon which Mauritius has built its reputation as the green tourism industry. The aerial images of the place have shown the scale of damage and huge stretches of azure seas stained black due to spill. Mitsui OSK Lines, the spokesman who operates the vessel owned by a Japanese company. He says fuel was being airlift by helicopter from the bulker to shore. But the poor weather at the place is complicating the weather on a higher scale.

The 20 crew members have been evacuated properly from the place safely on July 25th, 2020. The crew working to solve down the matter says that we tried everything but nothing worked because of the high waves. The fuel is at higher risk of leaking that’s why it was important to declare an emergency at the place. In a statement, the French embassy said that a military aircraft will make 2 rotations with pollution control equipment. Furthermore, two experts are going to be aboard to the place according to the statement. Ecologists are fearing that the ship could further break, causing a greater risk of a leak or oil spill. We can just pray to god so that everything gets okay.


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