Beirut Explosion : A Red Cloud of Smoke

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An Beirut explosion in the capital of Lebanese, Beirut on Tuesday took place which has claimed to have injured countless numbers of people. The massive explosion has occurred near the port in the Beirut causing immense scale damage to buildings. Also, it is shocking to know that the windows of the buildings miles away were shattered and on the roads cars flipped as the intensity was extensive.



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According to the reports run by the state-run National Agency, the wounded people were stumbling on the streets in fear and pain.  It might be unclear to state what caused the explosion as there are numerous reports on it. As per the director of the general security directorate, it was the confiscated high explosives that were the reason behind the major explosion. However, the further details on the same were not stated by them.

According to another report by NNA, the explosion happened because a big fire broke out in a warehouse storing firecrackers near the port.  The Beirut’s Governor Marwan Abbound, in his statement, exclaimed that the horrifying scene of the explosion crowded his mind and reminded him of the tragic event of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

Hotel Dieu, one of the major hospitals in Beirut, accounted for 400 wounded stated by one of the hospital staff to CNN. 

The explosion has arisen a tense situation in Lebanon. It might be significant to bring forth that on Friday, a vital verdict regarding the 2005 case of the assassination of former prime minister Rafik Hariri backed by the UN-panel is likely to be given out.


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