No Advisory for Multi-National Companies in Gurugram to Work From Home


Recently, we got the news that the MNC’s, BPO, and IT companies are going to enable their services for employees. Therefore, they are allowing all their employers to work from home till the end of July. Hence, this was an update given by the CEO of the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority i.e. Mr. V S Kundu.

Kundu further said that all the real estate projects are going to start. In simple words, they have got the green signals to work but the work will be done within the norms of social distancing. Gurugram is part of having so many Multi-national companies, BPO as well as IT parks. Ergo, in the month of March, the industries were given an advisory to do their work from home. As per the advisory of now, the government has said that the working of offices will be from home only till the end of June. This advisory is decided just to ensure the safety of people.

Kundu was given the charge of handling this crisis of Coronavirus, so he is there to take the action of making people work from home. He said that work from home is not possible for so many manufacturing companies as well as other industries. But still, it should be followed by the companies who can do it. These steps are taken by keeping in mind that Gurugram is a worst-affected state of Haryana and is in the red zone. Kundu said that the construction sites are going to start because some of the workers are already within the sites. So, that’s why these orders have been taken. Moreover, the laborers working over there should work with norms of social distancing.

In all this report of work from home, it is not yet clarified that MNC’s should work from home or not. Because no advisory has come to clarify the working of MNC’s from home.

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