Mcdonalds Closing its Outlets in India Leading to Job Losses of Many Employees

Jake Blake

On Monday McDonald’s India Pvt. Ltd, the local entity of the American fast food chain, ended its franchise contract with Connaught Plaza Restaurants Pvt. Ltd, i.e. CPRL which runs McDonald’s outlets in the north as well as east India, and is currently looking for a new partner.

CPRL is a joint venture amid MIPL along with Vikram Bakshi, who is managing director of CPRL. McDonald’s mentioned “default in the imbursement of royalties by CPRL” as the main cause for termination.

CPRL will as an outcome “discontinue utilizing  the McDonald’s system which comprises proprietary rights in McDonald’s names,designs, , trademarks, branding, operational as well as marketing practice and policies, along with food recipes plus specifications and  also its connected intellectual property in relation to these restaurants in 15 days of the termination note “.

Global head of corporate relations, at McDonald’s Corp, Ron Christianson alleged “The termination is an outcome of a violation, a breach of certain vital obligations that were a part of the contract typically the non-payment of royalties to MIPL for two years. CPRL was informed of the breaches and was given a chance to remedy those; it had failed to do so.”

The company is presently working on the terms to alleviate the impact of the shutdown on all stakeholders, counting thousands of staff across 169 restaurants. McDonald practice in west, as well as south India, has not been affected by the master franchisee rights of the burger chain are owned by another firm, Westlife Development Ltd.

Vice-chairman of Westlife, Amit Jatia, refused to comment on the prospect of it opting for McDonald’s franchise for north and east India. Christianson of McDonald’s supposed it was too early to remark on budding partnerships.

The move comes approximately two months following CPRL shut 43 of the 55 McDonalds restaurants in Delhi subsequent its failure to restore their licences, amid a lawful battle amid Bakshi along with McDonald’s.

In 2013, McDonald’s voted adjacent to the re-election of Bakshi as managing director of CPRL, after which Bakshi confronted his removal at the Company Law Board reproving McDonald’s of misconduct and domination. Afterward, McDonald’s cancelled the joint venture accord and invoked arbitration. McDonald’s has been following arbitration aligned with Bakshi in the London Court of International Arbitration. Though, the NCLT returned Bakshi as managing director of CPRL earlier in June.

 Bakshi supposed in a text message “This is a totally disdainful, mala fide and yet another harsh act indulged in by the McDonald’s Corporation to damage the order of the Hon’ble NCLT.  According to  which  McDonald’s Corporation is desisted from snooping with the smooth functioning of Connaught Plaza plus all its 169 restaurants open in the allocated territory of north/east India.

Bakshi added, without verifying if the company paid the due royalties that   “CPRL is taking into account the proper legal remedies that are accessible under the law. How can MIPL carry out a hit wicket,”.

Shamnad Basheer, past chair professor of intellectual property law at West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences alleged “The whole legal clash will turn on the fact whether or not the company paid royalties. If CPRL did not disburse the due amount, there is a specific reason for termination on the part of McDonald’s.”

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