Lockdown: A girl raped twice by her father while mother stuffed cloth in her mouth


From the reports, it has been found that a girl was raped by her father. The girl was the one who claimed about this incident and told that her father raped her twice, it is such a shameful incident even the mother was knowingly involved in this. The girl raped as only 18 years old and is from Morena district from Madhya Pradesh. When she claimed that her parents did this to her, both the parents denied this and said that the girl is framing false allegations on them. The parents further said that the girl is making so false statement because we refused and raised an objection to her relationship with a youth boy.
Probing further, the girl claimed that on March 26th at around 2 P.M. the girl was working in the kitchen and during that time her father grabbed her and took her to the room. After that the father of that girl tied her to the bed whereas her mother stuffed cloth in her mouth. Then the girl was allegedly raped by her father while the mother was watching and was in silence the whole time. After the incident the parents locked the girl in a room so that she cannot involve the cops in this whole incident but on April 10th, she finally escaped from the house and ran to her aunt’s place, then the accused spotted her location and after that, they took her home. The victim was again raped after reaching home and was warned not to try to escape from the place. Hence, these are the claims that the girl made about her parents.
The girl’s problem came to an end when her elder sister called the women helpline number that is 1098, but the parents still claimed that they did nothing. But the girl showed bite marks on cheeks, injuries on her wrist to the cops, and then she was rescued by the police. Her statement is recorded by the magistrate and the investigation is still going on about this incident.

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