Cyclonic formation in the Arabian Sea, heading towards Oman and Yemen


After a super cyclonic formation in the Bay of Bengal people faced so many problems as well as destruction. Now, from the coming updates, we are here with news that a huge cyclonic formation is taking place in the Arabian Sea but Mumbai is not alerted yet. Because it’s moving towards Oman and Yemen, this can be again a destructive cyclonic formation. No one knows why this year is becoming so much difficult for the world from the starting only every country across the globe is facing so many situations like a pandemic outbreak of COVID, forest fires, cyclone, building fires, and many more.

The weather forecast department has said that this cyclonic formation in the Arabian Sea is more likely to move north-westwards coasts in the next three coming days. They have announced an alert for Oman and Yemen but Mumbai is not yet alerted because there is very little chance of cyclonic formation to hit Mumbai- Indian Metropolitan State. The IMD (Indian Meteorological Department) has said that Mumbai is not alerted but still they are going to face heavy rains and thunderstorms in the next three days that are from July 1st, 2020.

In the year 2020, monsoon made a very early arrival over the Arabian Sea and the southwest Bay of Bengal due to the favorable conditions that came during the cyclonic formation of Amphan. It has been further noted that the next two days are going to be more conducive to further progress of Southwest Monsoon over to the southeast Arabian Sea because the weather department has said that in the coming two days the things can turn. So, they are constantly checking the weather and keeping people updated so that we can stay alert from this next weather condition or cyclonic formation in the Arabian Sea.

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