People born between the years 1985-1995 are different from others


With the evolution in time, there are lots of things that change, even the people have also changed. Humankind has a long way and it has been scientifically proven that each and every generation has its own history and point of view. But the question is how we can pinpoint which generation is much more unique. Well, there is someone, who has answered this question “Which generation is much more unique and why?” Zambian influencer, tweeted something about this which generation is the best and unique one. Have a look if you want to know to have detailed information about his sayings.

Zambian influencer believes that the people born between the years 1985 to 1995 are one of the most unique generation. Now, the question arises why this generation is unique? He is having a justification for this also, let’s discuss.

Reason 1- He said that these are the people that are living in between two generations. The one generation that was before technology and the internet whereas the other one after all this.

Reason 2- The generation before them believed that working hard is very much important whereas the generation after them thinks that working smart is much better than working hard.

Reason 3- From the radio to virtual reality, the people born between these years have seen all the terms of technological advancements that took place. We can’t deny this because it is very much true.

Reason 4- The generation before them were easily scammed and fooled by the people but the generation after them is very much cautious and check each and everything thoroughly before doing something.

Reason 5- They are the people that know about the perfect balance between following traditions and making sense. In simpler words, they do not make decisions blindly.

Reason 6- The people born between these years are the ones who saw the rise of the industrial age as well as the rise of the internet.

Here is all that ends and these are some really good points that we can’t argue about. So, the people born between the years 1985-1995 must be very much happy about this that they are unique.

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